Question: Which Is The Best Synonym For To Delight?

Can you say most special?

“We don’t come here for special occasions, but it is a special occasion when we come here.”…What is another word for most special?uncommonestbizarreststrangestuncanniestweirdestmost uniquemost distinctmost distinctivemost differentmost distinguished31 more rows.

What’s a synonym for delight?

SYNONYMS. pleasure, happiness, joy, joyfulness, glee, gladness, gratification, relish, excitement, amusement. bliss, rapture, ecstasy, elation, euphoria. transports of delight.

What is a good sentence for delight?

He was a delight to behold. She gasped her delight and smiled up at him. Destiny squealed with delight and did it again. To her surprise and delight, they instantly bonded with him.

What can I say instead of very well?

Synonymswell. adverb. in a skilful or effective way.ably. adverb. very well or very skilfully.fantastically. adverb. very well.great. adverb. informal very well.fabulously. adverb. informal extremely well.superlatively. adverb. formal extremely well.royally. adverb. old-fashioned extremely well, or perfection. phrase.More items…

What is the biblical definition of delight?

In this context he one who ‘delights in the Lord’ is someone who will have desires that conform to God’s will for their lives. Taking delight in the Lord means that our hearts truly find peace and fulfillment in Him.

What is the opposite word of delight?

Antonyms for delight dismay, hatred, pain, dislike, discontent, unhappiness, depression, hate, disappointment, sadness, misery, sorrow, trouble, melancholy, dissatisfaction.

What is another word for very special?

Some common synonyms of special are especial, individual, particular, and specific.

What’s the most beautiful word?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words10 Serendipity (n.)9 Petrichor (n.)8 Supine (adj.)7 Solitude (n.)6 Aurora (n.)5 Idyllic (adj.)4 Clinomania (n.)3 Pluviophile (n.)More items…•

What word is special?

adjective. of a distinct or particular kind or character: a special kind of key. being a particular one; particular, individual, or certain: You’d better call the special number. pertaining or peculiar to a particular person, thing, instance, etc.; distinctive; unique: the special features of a plan.