Quick Answer: What Does HMU Mean On Grindr?

What does DM mean?

Direct MessageIn the digital world, “DM” usually stands for “Direct Message.” A DM is a private mode of communication between social media users.

When you send a direct message, only you and the recipient can see the content..

What LMAO means?

What does LMAO mean? LMAO is an abbreviation in digital communications for laughing my ass off. It is used in reaction to something considered extremely funny.

What is DM means in twitter?

Direct MessagesAbout Direct Messages. The basics. To send a Direct Message from Twitter for iOS. To send a Direct Message from Twitter for Android.

What does Fl mean in dates?

Floruit (/ˈflɔːrjuɪt/), abbreviated fl. (or occasionally flor.), Latin for “he/she flourished”, denotes a date or period during which a person was known to have been alive or active. In English, the unabbreviated word may also be used as a noun indicating the time when someone flourished.

What does HMU mean Grindr?

HMU. “Hit me up.” Shorthand for “call me,” “text me,” or “meet me somewhere”: “HMU if you wanna hang out.”

What does it mean HMU?

hit me upHmu is an abbreviation for the phrase “hit me up.” It’s a request for social invitation, often posted online to announce that you’re looking for something to do and to encourage others to reach out to you.

What is a DL?

Decilitre (or deciliter, dL), a unit of measurement of capacity or volume. Discrete logarithms, in mathematics. Distance learning, Internet-based education.

What does you only live once mean?

YOLO is the acronym of the phrase “you only live once”. Along the same lines as the Latin “carpe diem” (“seize the day”), it is a call to live life to its fullest extent, even embracing behavior which carries inherent risk.

What does PS mean?

post scriptumA postscript (P.S.) is an afterthought, thought that’s occurring after the letter has been written and signed. The term comes from the Latin post scriptum, an expression meaning “written after” (which may be interpreted in the sense of “that which comes after the writing”).

What does TBH mean sexually?

To Be HonestTBH = To Be Honest (a candid compliment or an insult may follow) HIFW = How I Felt When.

What’s BB mean in text?

In text messages and online, bb can be short for baby, especially as it’s used as a term of endearment for significant others or friends.