Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Human Stupidity?

Can ignorant mean rude?

The definition of ignorant is something or someone lacking in knowledge, or is stupid or rude.

An example of ignorant is a person who is has no knowledge of politics..

Is ignorance a bliss?

Ignorance, or a lack of knowledge, isn’t usually viewed as a good thing. However, there may be situations when you’re happier not knowing the truth. A common expression used to describe these situations is “ignorance is bliss.” … Let’s break things down with a closer look at a few examples of ignorance is bliss.

What do you call someone who knows alot about something?

English Language Learners Definition of connoisseur : a person who knows a lot about something (such as art, wine, food, etc.) : an expert in a particular subject.

What is stupidity vs ignorance?

Welles defines stupidity this way: “The term may be used to designate a mentality which is considered to be informed, deliberate and maladaptive.” Welles distinguishes stupidity from ignorance; one must know they are acting in their own worst interest. Secondly, it must be a choice, not a forced act or accident.

What is the cure for stupidity?

The Cure for Stupidity is really simple. As Eric states, and has obviously studied extensively, the “cure” is in the communication. I work in the public sector and talk often with customers and the main thread is miscommunication. Make sure both or all are talking about the same subject.

What is another word for stupidity?

What is another word for stupidity?brainlessnessdensenesssimplicitysluggishnessstoliditystupefactionstuporthick-headednessweaknessimbecility66 more rows

What is a fancy word for dumb?

stupid, unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, slow-witted, slow, dull, dull-witted, witless, half-witted, blockish, doltish, dunce-like, simple, simple-minded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, cretinous, obtuse, bovine, lumpish.

What is an ignorant person called?

uneducated, unknowledgeable, untaught, unschooled, untutored, untrained, illiterate, unlettered, unlearned, unread, uninformed, unenlightened, unscholarly, unqualified, benighted, backward. inexperienced, unworldly, unsophisticated.

What’s a smart word for dumb?

Synonym Study In this page you can discover 51 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dumb, like: senseless, blockheaded, stupid, dull, dense, moronic, mute, inarticulate, idiotic, inane and unintelligent.

Is stupidity a word?

noun, plural stu·pid·i·ties for 2. the state, quality, or fact of being stupid. a stupid act, notion, speech, etc.

Whats the meaning of stupidity?

Stupidity is the quality of being stupid. It’s the opposite of intelligence. Saying that someone did something because of stupidity is an insult because it means the person really should’ve known better. …